Winter Pot Advice

When creating a summer pot, you know they will grow means a few small plants can turn into a beautiful display. However, plants don’t grow in winter, So how do we get over this issue? Well, you need to buy more plants than you would in the summer and pack them in tightly.

Within a winter pot, you can plant a wide range of shrubs and perennials. Because they don’t grow, they’re unlikely to outgrow their container in one winter. You can always replant them outside when they start to grow and start your winter pot over again.

One thing to watch out for is plant pests. If you spot any pests in the compost, you must eliminate all the compost in the pot and replace it immediately to avoid your beautiful winter pot being destroyed.

As with summer pots, don’t have too many different colours in one pot or grouping, with expert gardeners recommending a maximum of three colours, with green being one of the colours.