Best indoor flowering bulbs

Bringing the beauty of spring into your home during the Autumn and Winter months can really brighten things up, but what are the best indoor flowering bulbs.

Paperwhite Ziva (Narcissus Tazetta) are a distinctive white flower that has a wonderful scent and are a popular indoor bulb. They do not tolerate frost hence why they cannot be planted outside in the UK winter. These flowers prefer a warm area and are best planted in Autumn for a festive bloom.

Autumn Crocuses are available in a few varieties and are suitable for indoor or outdoor planting during the autumn months. Typically producing 2 flowers per bulb you can be creative with how you plant them, whether it be in a small decorative pot or grouped together in a larger vase.

Amaryllis are large, impressive flowers and are easy to grow with minimal care and attention needed.  Plant these in the Autumn for a festive season bloom.  They normally take between 6-10 weeks to flower.  Plant multiple blubs in two-week intervals for a festive and new year continuous bloom.