Tips for Creating an All-Season Garden

The key to a good garden is to plan for all seasons, selecting plants that give lasting structure and value to the garden. 

Your garden will need to work visually from inside your home too, remembering that it is viewed all year round when you look out of the window. 

Foliage is the heart of the garden, emphasising and framing your seasonal planting. Holly, euonymus and hebes look good all year round.

Even if space is at a premium in your garden, trees can be the backbone of your garden. Choose one that is perfect for all seasons.

Perennials are non-woody plants, they can be evergreen offering interest for most seasons. 

As an addition to your plants, you could add lighting for impact. As well as being practical it extends the feeling of space. 

A focal sculpture, urn or statue might also make an appropriate focal point.