Not everything can go on your Compost Heap!

Creating your own compost is a fantastic way to reduce waste, save money, and be self-sufficient. Still, not everyone knows what you can put in the compost bin and what should go out in general waste.  Here are a few don’ts when it comes to the compost heap.

Coal or charcoal ashes. These contain toxic materials that could harm your plants and wildlife; however, wood ashes are fine.

Walnuts. Surprisingly these also contain a chemical that could be harmful to other plants, and they do not break down as you would think.

Cat and Dog waste: This is due to its potential to carry dangerous diseases that can spread to humans.

Coloured paper: Some coloured paper contains toxic dyes.

Limes: Due to their pH, which is alkaline, composting them could kill the essential microorganisms in a compost ecosystem.

There is also a list of foods that are not recommended (other than those mentioned above) for composting. These include meat, onion peels, citrus peels, grease, bones, or dairy products. This is due to the amount of time they take to break down, or they can attract pests.