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Not everything can go on your Compost Heap!

Creating your own compost is a fantastic way to reduce waste, save money, and be self-sufficient. Still, not everyone knows what you can put in the compost bin and what should go out in general waste.  Here are a few don’ts when it comes to the compost heap. Coal or charcoal ashes. These contain toxic [Continue]

Winter Pot Advice

When creating a summer pot, you know they will grow means a few small plants can turn into a beautiful display. However, plants don’t grow in winter, So how do we get over this issue? Well, you need to buy more plants than you would in the summer and pack them in tightly. Within a [Continue]

Best indoor flowering bulbs

Bringing the beauty of spring into your home during the Autumn and Winter months can really brighten things up, but what are the best indoor flowering bulbs. Paperwhite Ziva (Narcissus Tazetta) are a distinctive white flower that has a wonderful scent and are a popular indoor bulb. They do not tolerate frost hence why they [Continue]

Gravel Garden Alpines

Alpines are easy plants to grow and look great in any garden.  Ideal for filling up the gaps next to a gravel path or in a rockery garden, these plants come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Alpine plants are drought-resistant, meaning during dry spring and summer seasons, once the plant is [Continue]

Tips for Growing Strawberries

If you are a strawberry lover then you are in heaven come summer when strawberries are at their best. One satisfying way to enjoy strawberries is growing your own! Top Tips for Growing Strawberries • Seed them early. The earlier you plant them (as long as they won’t encounter frost) the longer you will have [Continue]

Benefits of potted plants in your garden

Potted plants can make the world of difference in your garden, especially if you have a relatively low maintenance space or possibly a tiny concreted area to work with. With potted plants, even the smallest of gardens and balconies can enjoy a touch of nature, and there are so many different flowers and plants you [Continue]

Decorating your garden trees

With Christmas not too far away now, we’d like to focus on a festive theme today; decorating the trees in your garden. Whether you have a tall oak tree, a selection of hedges and shrubs or a fabulous conifer tree that’s perfect for Christmas, you should always try to add a few decorations. There are [Continue]

Love your garden all year round

As garden lovers, we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but sometimes the British weather can make this difficult all year round. Don’t let the rain stop you from relaxing in your garden, all you need to do is add a summer shed to sit back in. Ironically a summer shed isn’t [Continue]