How to Speed Up Decomposition in Your Compost

The biggest issue with composting is that it can be a slow process, so many people are keen on knowing how to speed the decomposition up. There are a few tricks you can try to encourage the decomposition process so that you can more quickly benefit from some lovely fertile compost.

1. Think small- be sure to chop or shred items up into small pieces so that they can more easily decompose.

2. Moisture balancing- you want your compost pile to have a similar moisture content to that of a ‘wrung sponge’. In other words it does need a decent amount of moisture, but not too much.

3. Mix it up- you need a mixture of carbon rich (brown) and nitrogen rich (green) ingredients to speed up decomposition.

4. Keep it moving- every 3-5 days you should turn the compost heap over.

5. Microbes- by keeping up with the above tasks, you will develop good microbes that are the biggest key to decomposition.

These five tricks will help speed up the process of decomposition in your compost heap.