Tips for Growing Strawberries

If you are a strawberry lover then you are in heaven come summer when strawberries are at their best. One satisfying way to enjoy strawberries is growing your own!

Top Tips for Growing Strawberries

• Seed them early. The earlier you plant them (as long as they won’t encounter frost) the longer you will have delicious strawberries.
• Give them full Sun. these plants need lots of sun to keep them producing fruit well.
• Don’t crowd them. Strawberries need their space so plant them at 30cm deep and at least 40cm between each row.
• Do not over water. Strawberry plants need well drained soil and watering about 1in per week.
• Strawberries grow quite well in pots or raised beds.
• Fertilise when flowers appear.

These handy tips will help you with your yummy strawberry growing and hopefully ensure that you have plenty of berries for enjoying all summer. Good luck with your strawberry growing!