Vegetables you can grow indoors

There is no disputing that organic homegrown vegetables just taste superior, fresher, and more satisfying, so there is no surprise that more and more Britons have taken to growing vegetables. Many people are fortunate enough that they have the outdoor space to grow vegetables but if you don’t and are wanting to grow indoors, we have put together a list of vegetables that are easy to grow inside.

1. Scallions – scallions are an easy plant to grow suitable indoors as they do not need as much sunlight to grow. They are also easy to care for so a great option for beginners.

2. Radishes – these are another option that doesn’t require maximum sunlight. They will require a deep large container.

3. Lettuce – Lettuce is another easy to grow indoor plant. Try not to over water, the aim is to keep the soil damp, using a spray bottle would be a wise choice.