The Best Plants to Entice Bees and Butterflies

As humanity consistently expands, we need to ensure we still make room for nature. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem so we need to help look after them, and who doesn’t love butterflies? Try planting these 10 plants to entice bees and butterflies to your garden.

1. Alliums and Chives-all members of the allium family (chives, onions etc) are a firm favourite of the bees and not too fussy on soil conditions.
2. Sedum-these are a butterfly magnet and easy to grow in containers.
3. Cranesbill or Geranium-these are excellent for bees, especially the blue or purple varieties and are quite low maintenance.
4. Cerinthe Major-difficult to find but another bee magnet! It is an annual plant, grown from seed.
5. Buddleia or Butterfly Bush-is very fragrant, has a variety of sizes (some quite large) and very attractive to bees and butterflies.
6. Perovskia/Russian Sage-loves dry, sunny conditions and a large container.
7. Monarda or Bee Balm-not ideal for growing in a container and enjoys a sunny, well-drained spot.
8. Cotoneaster-is a shrub of various sizes and types. Ensure to get a less invasive variety, should it try to take over.
9. Herb Oregano-a very hardy herb, typically used in a border and highly attractive to butterflies and pollinators.
10. Lavender-very fragrant, likes sunny/well-drained spot and good for container growing.

These plants are all easy to grow and could also be put into pots or windowsills if you are short on garden space. They will help you create a wildlife friendly habitat and give you the enjoyment of watching the bees and butterflies appreciate your efforts.