Understanding Gardening Tool Sharpening Instruments

The best way to ensure that your gardening efforts are safe and efficient is to be sure to keep your gardening tools sharp. Tools that are well looked after, help to prevent injury and wasted effort. If you are unfamiliar with the options for sharpening instruments, here is a bit of information that could help you make the right choice in this investment.

Sharpening Tools

• Whetstones- are blocks of fine-grained stone. There are two types as some require oil and others, water for lubrication to help the blade slide over the stone. These are suitable for knives and secateurs and should be used on a sturdy surface, like a table.

• Diamond coated sharpening tools- come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The diamond-coated blocks and portable, pocket-sized types are perfect for sharpening secateurs and knives on the go. The diamond-coated files are more suitable for spades or hoes.

• Sharpening steels- are usually used for kitchen knives, however there are a few versions that are designed for maintaining garden blades, such as loppers.

• Files- are excellent for sharpening cultivation tools like spades and hoes, just ensure to get one that is suitable for metal work.