The basics of gardening

There are some basic tools and techniques you need to know when you first start maintaining your garden. So many young people leave home and move into a new house only to find they don’t know the slightest bit about gardening. If that sounds like you don’t worry we’re here to help.


Cutting the grass is obviously one of the easiest yet most important tasks. With a basic lawnmower, you move up and down the lawn in stripes, whilst a strimmer can be used to tidy the edges of the lawn, such as where it meets the patio or pathway. Another essential skill is watering, and even in the UK with lots of rain all year round, there will be times when you need to keep plants alive with a good covering of water. The third and final basic skill you need to know is planting. A little understanding of soil and plant types can go a long way, and without planting any flowers it will be pretty difficult to create a unique style in your garden. Master all of these and you’ll be one step in the right direction.