Learn how to create your own vegetable patch in your garden

Are your food shopping bills getting higher and higher? Well try saving money on your vegetables and fruit by growing them yourself in your own back garden. Certain crops grow through different seasons, so if you are completely new to this, then head out a purchase a gardening calendar.


Where to start?

When deciding on a good location for our vegetable patch to be based, consider an area that gets adequate sunlight as this is fuel to your crops and will accelerate their growing process. Water is another vital component for your crops, just make sure you get the balance right, too much water means your crops will drown, and too little means they will be starved and dry out.

After you have chosen the perfect for your vegetable patch, you must prepare the ground and soil. Clear the area free of weeds and old plants. Placing weed killer can help to clear the space, but it may mean you cannot plant your seeds until the soil is clear of the weed killer.  Add fresh soil to the area and turn regularly with a garden fork to bring the soil from the bottom to the top.


What are the most cost effective veggies to grow?

Tomatoes- These are great as they grow relatively fast, however we recommend growing cherry tomatoes as the larger ones are most susceptible to pests.

Lettuce- These are great as you can grow and only cut off what you need, making less waste and a fresh home-grown taste.

Herbs- Growing a variety of herbs is brilliant, rather than buying the large quantities from the supermarket, you can simple cut off the amount you require and leave the rest planted an allow them to continue to grow. There really is something great about the taste of your own grown herbs from home.