How to keep your grass looking green?

Your back garden is a part of your house that you should be proud of. It is a great place to socialise with friends and family, enjoy good food and drink over the warmer summer evenings, however you might find your gardens grass is letting you down. Grass unfortunately isn’t always easy to keep looking an attractive shade of green, this can be due to over exposure to the sun, or dehydration from lack of water. There are a few ways to get your garden lawn looking great again:

Seeds- Sprinkle grass seeds over your lawn, especially in the patchy areas. Allow for the seeds to attach by watering them regularly and stay off the grass during this time. Once they have fully attached you will see fresh strands of grass growing through the old. With regular cutting of the lawn, watering and sunlight exposure, your grass will begin to look a lot more attractive.

Turf- If you feel your lawn can’t be saved, you may want to consider digging up your back garden and starting from scratch by laying completely new turf. This option is a little costlier, and could require a specialist to get the job completed correctly.