How to reduce weeds

Keeping weeds under control in your garden can be a time-consuming task but is essential to keep your garden in perfect shape. Although the initial stage of pulling pesky weeds can be somewhat satisfying it soon becomes a chore. Simply following a few basic steps can reduce weeds and keep your garden looking great.

– Avoid soil disturbance – disturbing your soil can lead to a break out of fresh weeds, if you need to disturb your soil make sure you fill with plants or mulch.

– Cut the source – use a sharp knife with a narrow blade to slice through the roots rather than digging them out.

– Pull when wet – weeds are far easier to remove after a big downpour. If you can’t pull them, or cut the source – remove the heads to buy some time

– Consider your space – closely placed plants will give shade which will reduce weeds

– Draught – only water the plants you need in hot conditions, avoid watering any weeds.