Create the perfect flower bed for your garden

With the summer in full swing, there is no better time to be out in the garden. If you love the idea of a garden full of flowers, you may want to consider creating your own flower bed.

Garden flowerbeds can be made into whichever shape or size that suits your needs, however a popular location is along the edges of the garden forming a beautiful frame to the lawn. Some considerations need to be made in regards to the location of the flowerbed, this includes sunlight exposure, rainfall and the quality of the ground/ soil.

Once you have decided on the best location you can start preparing the area, with a protective lining to stop any weeds and fresh soils to help optimise plant grow.

Plant your chosen flowers and bulbs and watch them bloom throughout the summer. If your flowerbed is looking a little bare, try adding some Gypsophila to fill out any spaces.