15 Items that are Excellent for Your Compost

An excellent way to help reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that could end up going to already overly-used landfills, is creating your own compost. Making your own compost is also a great way to save money by creating your own fertile top soil, instead of buying it. You can cultivate compost with either a compost bin or a compost heap/pile. Compost can be created year-round and typically takes about six months to be produced from the time that you start. It is recommended to keep balance and variety to the things that you add to keep the process moving quickly, as too much of one thing or the other can slow this process.

The 15 best things to compost are:

1. Dried leaves
2. Tea leaves
3. Grass clippings
4. Dried manure
5. Fruits
6. Vegetable
7. Peelings
8. Coffee grounds
9. Old wine or corks
10. Used biodegradable pet bedding (such as from rabbits or hamsters) or toothpicks
11. Dust from sweeping or hoovering
12. Dry cat or dog food
13. Old herbs and Spices
14. Shredded Newspapers
15. Hair and nail clippings