10 Autumn Plants for a Splash of Colour

Autumn weather and shorter days can make things a bit grey and gloomy, so to help brighten up your garden, why not make sure you have some beautiful autumn bloomers. There are several varieties of plants, like deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers that can really put on a lovely show in autumn. Many of these plants bear hips, berries and other fruits for fall.

1. Snowy Mespilus- produces beautiful scarlet and crimson leaves in fall
2. Aster- blooms late summer and early autumn
3. Beauty Berry- develops stunning, large clusters of purple berries mid-autumn
4. Judas Tree- the leaves turn an impressive, cheery yellow in autumn
5. Autumn Crocus- flowers in September and October
6. Cotoneaster- bears beautiful red berries in autumn
7. Crab Apple- produces colourful fruit and leaves in autumn
8. Nerine (Nerine Bowdenii)- gives a lovely lipstick-pink flower and can be grown outside if in a warm, sunny border that’s backed by the shelter of a wall
9. Chinese Virginia Creeper- has a velvety texture and turns a fiery crimson in fall
10. Sternbergia lutea- bright yellow flowering bulb that like a warm sunny spot with good drainage